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Crowdipy is a crowdfunding platform for real estate investments. It focuses on strategically important commercial real estate investments that are typically let to one tenant on a long term basis.

Crowdipy started as an attempt to democratise commercial real estate investments and make them accessible to the wider public. In the process, we believe it will make the commercial real estate market more transparent.

We don’t believe in the notion that commercial real estate investment should only be accessible by large, opaque, political and bureaucratic investment funds, pension funds, etc. (collectively known as “institutional investors”). Indeed it is because of the dominance of institutional investors that commercial real estate is rarely a viable and appealing investment class for the wider public. The indirect route to commercial real estate ownership that institutional investors provide is crippled by high fees, lack of control and stock market-induced short-termism (i.e. an excessive focus on profits over the coming quarter or year at the expense of long term welfare and sustainability).

Crowdipy offers private, individual investors access to attractive commercial real estate investment opportunities including warehouses, offices, and retail properties. These properties are let to strong companies on a long-term basis and are of key strategic importance for the operators.

Crowidipy also provides professional and dedicated support, management and delivery of the investment, through its experienced team of real estate, marketing and technology experts.

Traditional route to investing in commercial real estate

The traditional way to invest in commercial real estate involves pooling money together with other investors. Various pension funds and insurance companies employ the services of investment managers who then invest in commercial real estate. In the process, each intermediary (the pooling agency, pension fund, insurance company and investment manager) charges origination, management and success fees. These fees mean that a reduced proportion of the money raised is ultimately invested. In other words, this increases costs and provides lower returns to you as a private investor.

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The new Crowdipy way of investing

Crowdipy removes all unnecessary intermediaries and, through the use of technology, allows private investors not only to choose their investments but also to manage them, more personally. You can make independent decisions and engage with other like-minded investors to ensure your money is working for you in the most efficient way.

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