What makes Crowdipy unique?

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Safe and attractive investments

Crowdipy offers investments in all commercial property sectors: warehouses, offices, and retail, including supermarkets and DIY stores etc. Existing real estate crowdfunding platforms focus on residential investments, mainly houses and flats, which are very frequently vacant. Real estate that is already leased by companies provides a much more secure and stable long-term investment option.

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Strong returns

Commercial real estate yields (cap rates) are higher than residential property yields. For example, prime residential yields in Central London stand at 2.6%-2.9% (data from John D Wood), versus prime office yields at 3.75% to 4.5% (CBRE). Prime logistics (warehouse) yields are higher yet, at 5%-5.25%. Investments in a poorer location (non-central), in need of maintenance or refurbishment, or only partially leased or vacant, represent a very large proportion of the real estate market and command even higher yields than prime investment opportunities.

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Net leases, single-tenant sector investments

Crowdipy specialises in the single tenant sector – that is, commercial properties that are 100% let to one tenant. These properties are:

  • Strategically located
  • Inflation-protected
  • Leased on a long-term basis

They therefore make perfect long-term investments.

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Informative, engaging content-driven platform

Crowdipy boasts a wealth of information on the commercial prop erty market, including industry news and real estate market updates. In addition, users are encouraged to participate in online community.

What are the likely yields?

Commercial property yields vary widely across type of property, location and type of tenant occupying the real estate. Brand new properties in the centres of large cities command yields below 5%. These compare to Government bond yields well below 2%, in many cases close to 0%.
The net lease market provides a very diverse range of yields and risk profiles. Crowdipy aims to target an average yield range of 10% to 14%.* *Estimated gross leveraged returns based on business plan projections, before taxation and assuming the property remains tenanted.

Investment yields and other rates of return depend on three broad factors:

  1. The unique physical, commercial and locational features of each property;
  2. The micro and macro economic features of the market the property is located in;
  3. The correlation (interdependence) between the performance of the property and that of the wider market.

No two properties and no two markets are the same at any one point in time, therefore each investment opportunity will feature a different risk-return profile.

In order to provide investors with sufficient information to make an informed decision on where and how to invest, Crowdipy provides detailed information and analysis of each investment, with full reporting on the micro- and macro- economic characteristics of the property market and wider economy.

What are the risks?

As with any other investment, real estate investment carries certain risks, which must be carefully considered when assessing an opportunity to invest. Different factors that impact the return on the investment will be perceived differently by different investors, so it is very important to assess each of these individually at the level of each investment opportunity.

Crowdipy will provide a specialised and transparent assessment of all known risks for each investment opportunity to help ordinary, non-specialist investors make well-informed decisions in line with their investment requirements. Investors will also be able to engage with Crowdipy’s staff, and with one another through forum discussion, in order to get answers to questions they may have. We list below some of the most common risk factors for real estate investments:

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Limited liquidity

Relates to the fact that real estate is a chunky investment and any one asset changes hands relatively rarely. This means that it may limit the ability to recoup an investment when there are not many transactions in the market.

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Rent payments are typically linked to inflation. If inflation moves to reduce the value of rent received, returns on investment can be impacted.

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Economic downturn

Changing macroeconomic conditions will impact the performance of the investment, through the impact it has on the tenant, interest rates, maintenance costs and overall demand.

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Political change

Elections, monetary policy (central banks), fiscal policy (taxes), legal system changes can have a profound impact on investment returns. This is especially the case when operating in multiple jurisdictions and countries.

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Exchange rate fluctuations

When the investment currency differs from the return distribution currency, there are inherent risks that the movement in exchange rates can impact received returns.

The above risks may be defined more as „systemic” or market risks, which affect the property market (system) as a whole. In addition to these risks, there are also factors that will determine the success of the investment and that are more directly under the control of the property investor. These investment-specific risks relate largely to the physical characteristics of the property as well as the leasing profile, local vacancy risk, maintenance costs, etc.All these risks (systemic and specific) must be carefully considered when assessing the viability and suitability of an investment opportunity. Most importantly of all, each property and investment opportunity is unique in its own right. The unique features of the investment that relate to quality of construction (and any latent maintenance requirements), micro-location (including accessibility, transport infrastructure, visibility and quality of local amenities), and occupancy schedule all have an impact on the risk and return profile of the property.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment to participate in Crowdipy’s investments is just £100.

How to end an investment?

All investments on Crowdipy will typically be offered with set performance benchmarks including a clear investment timeframe. Nevertheless, both during and at the end of an investment, Crowdipy’s crowdfunders will be offered the option to sell and reinvest their investment in one of the other investments available via the online platform.

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